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The newly developed Flexi-Zone-Stamp is both a zone stamp and a zone label and takes a completely new approach to zone labelling, moving away from the cluttered settings dialogues of the current Archicad zone stamps towards the principle of "keep it simple". The idea and concept comes from Staab Architekten.

The essential difference to the usual Archicad zone stamps is that the Flexi-Zone-Stamp does not have different settings for different scales, but that the essential settings can be made very clearly and also highly flexibly in an associated Model View Options object.

These settings are located on a single page in the Model View Options and can be saved as a Model View Option Combination for any number of views.
This eliminates the need for scale-dependent settings in the object itself.

The zone stamp or the label itself also has its clear settings on a single settings page (apart from the apartment stamp settings). To optimise space, the zone stamp can be divided at any point, and both parts can be moved individually.

The object has the following functionalities in both variants:



User Interface

Model View Option Dialog


Zone Stamp Settings





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